Brian Baldwin

Brian Baldwin is the founder and managing director of Baldwin M&A Partners (formerly Baldwin & Associates, Inc.) Baldwin is a founding member of International Merger and Acquisition Partners (IMAP), one of the world’s leading M&A organizations, and has served as IMAP’s President, Chairman and as a member of the Board of Directors.

Prior to forming Baldwin M&A Partners, Brian Baldwin was Senior Vice-President of an international investment firm based in London, and in that capacity, completed a number of large acquisitions in Europe and North America, playing a key role in related negotiations and financing. As a result of one of these acquisitions, Baldwin served as Chairman of a major London commodity shipping firm, Director of a London merchant bank, and Chairman of an international computer systems company.

Baldwin also served as President, CEO, and a major shareholder in Vestar, Inc., a real estate development and construction firm. Vestar completed a number of commercial and residential real estate projects on Seattle’s East Side.

Baldwin is the former Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer of Fisher Flouring Mills, Inc., one of Seattle’s pioneer firms, and served on the Board of Directors of that firm and several of its related companies. At Fisher, Baldwin successfully completed several related acquisitions and dispositions, which was the beginning of his career in the merger and acquisition field. Baldwin has since led the acquisition strategy for many technology manufacturing firms and has served as an outside director for several information technology companies in the Pacific Northwest.

Baldwin’s educational background includes degrees in Accounting and Financial Management from the University of Washington and he is a graduate of the General Electric Financial Management Program in New York City.

Michele Baldwin, Ph.D

Michelle’s Ph.D is within the unique interdisciplinary field of organizational studies, from the University of South Florida, Tampa. Her field includes organizational theory, behavior, development, system evaluation, and organizational research from the Colleges of Business, Sociology, Psychology and Educational Leadership.

Along with her distinguished academic achievements, Michele has an impressive history of building strong complementary partnerships across organizations with different missions and goals. She is skilled at asking the correct critical questions to understand and present an integrated perspective of a company’s strengths and uniqueness within an organizational field. Her knowledge of a wide range of organizational reporting and accountability mechanisms ensures that all participants in a merger or acquisition have a thoroughly transparent view of the topography of their potential deals.

Add to all this her rich and varied work history of leading a wide variety of business and academic units, assessing productivity, providing professional development, exceeding sales goals, marketing products, and innovating new programs and approaches, and Michelle’s ability to forge agreements that stand the rigorous requirements of American and international business becomes crystal clear.

Baldwin M&A Partners

Baldwin M&A Partners was created based on a wealth of acquisition experience at General Electric in NYC, Fisher Flouring Mills in Seattle and executive experience at a large European investment company with offices in London and Paris, completing large deals in the banking, hotel and commodity shipping businesses.

Since our founding in 1977, we have completed transactions in many different industries, some of which most people have never encountered.  Over the many years, about half of our deals have been in Aerospace & Defense.  Our clients have been evenly divided between buyers and sellers.

We are completely confident that we will be able to quickly understand your business and support your acquisition goals.

We always maintain absolute discretion and confidentiality.